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Download videos from Youtube, Facebook and many more.

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You can cut files to any length, can add cover and metadata.

Multiple Formats

Download Videos in to mp3 (128kbph, 256kbph, 320kbph), mp4, mkv, 3gp and others.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet. With more than 2 billion logged-in users every month, it has become a household name. It is not surprising that YouTube has hence become an inevitable part of our daily life. From music and dance to art and literature, you can explore almost anything known to man in this platform. You can learn anything under the sun from the comfort of your home. 

You may face situations where you need to be able to watch videos offline. More so if you travel frequently and don’t have constant access to the internet. YouTube, however, is not exactly well known for its downloading options. The newer versions of the app don’t allow people to download all videos for free. For the same reason, we have alternative tools in the form of youtube to mp3, youtube to mp4 converter and youtube downloader.

Convert any Video with Youtube Converter

These tools help to convert any video from the internet to any format that you desire. The entire process is hassle-free and uses only the URL or the web link of the video. You can now easily watch your favorite shows and web series, or listen to your favorite music without the internet. A youtube converter first converts the video in the desired mp3 or mp4 format in the conversion process. 

Once done, it is then made available for download. A link or a button will be displayed on the screen. Clicking on it will start the download on your device. Advanced tools like Youtubemp3mp4.Net also provide features in which you are given an option to choose the video quality from the available resolutions.  

Why Do We Need Mp3 When We Are Talking About Videos?

YouTube is a humongous platform that has all sorts of content. It does not have the playback feature yet, so it cannot run in the background. Even if you successfully download a video to view offline, you need to keep the app open for it to play. Media like music and audiobooks don’t really require a video. Hence it is quite difficult if you want to play just music. In such a case, we need an mp3 converter to extract the audio and obtain it in the mp3 format. 

These files can be played on any device. These can also run in the background so you can conveniently use other apps at the same time. A youtube to mp3 converter helps to convert your favorite music into mp3. With the help of a youtube mp3 downloader, you can download the file to your device and play it anytime, without depending on the internet. 

Free Youtube MP3 Converters Available Online

There are countless youtube to mp3 converters available online, but it is important to be sure about the authenticity and quality of the platform. Some mp3 converters charge for their service, while some are completely free for use. YoutubeMp3Mp4 is one of the best youtube mp3 conversion sites on the internet. It provides you with an option to convert files into mp3 from not only YouTube but other platforms like SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter and many more. 

It supports youtube mp3 conversion in all three operating systems that are Windows, Android, and iOS. It can be used by everyone as you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience at all. The homepage itself is pretty self-explanatory.  All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps, and you can listen to your favorite podcasts anywhere. 

Another important feature of this tool is that you can save your files directly to your OneDrive Cloud or to the Dropbox. Hence, you don’t need to worry if your device is running low on space. 

How To Convert Youtube To Mp3

Converting your favorite youtube videos into audio files is easier than you think it might be. If you don’t know how to do it, following these steps should help you:

  • 1Open the YouTube application. Opening it on your browser works equally fine. 
  • 2Look for the video that you want to convert into audio and copy its URL. In case you are using the application, click on the share option under the video, and select the ‘copy link’ option. If you are using a browser, copy the link from the address bar. 
  • 3Open the youtube to mp3 website. You will find a text field with “Enter a valid URL” written on it. As soon as you click on it, a cursor appears. You have to paste the URL of your video here
Youtube to mp3
  • 4Under this text field, you will find a small drop-down box. If you click on the arrow next to it, a list of options appears. Since you want to convert your video into an audio format, click on the mp3 option.
Youtube MP3
  • 5Click the green button that says “Convert it” and wait for the youtube to mp3 converter to extract the audio from your file and process it into the required mp3 format. 
Youtube to MP3 Converter
  • 6As it is done, you can choose whether you want to download the file or make any further changes. 

How To Download MP3 From Youtube?

You might want to listen to your favorite tracks on your way to work or maybe when you are in the elevator. You might not necessarily have an internet connection all the time. Using a youtube mp3 downloader gives you an offline version of all the youtube videos that you like. 

Apart from that, it also helps reduce space as audiobooks, music, and podcasts require only the audio component. It is quite simple to download an mp3 version of youtube videos. Youtubemp3mp4 is one such youtube downloader that can help you convert youtube videos into the mp3 format. Follow these steps to ensure that you correctly download your files. 

  • 1Go to youtube and click on any video that you want to download.
  • 2Once you have the video open, copy its weblink or the URL. If you have opened youtube in the application, click on the share button and copy the link of the video. If you have opened it in a browser, copy the entire link from the address bar. 
  • 3Open the youtubemp3mp4.net platform. You can see a large text field towards the center of the screen. Click on it and paste the address of the video that you previously copied. As this platform offers to convert videos into a number of formats, you have to choose your desired format. Here, click on mp3 from the drop-down menu and click the green button labeled “Convert it”. 
  • 4Wait for some time till the conversion process takes place. Once it is done, click on the download button to save the file in your device. 

Offline Youtube Videos

A lot of times, you might feel the need for the offline feature to make a comeback. However, the download was only in-app and could also not be played in the background. If you are wondering whether there is a better way by which you can download YouTube videos to watch them offline, you are right. Youtube mp4 converters are tools that help convert videos into mp4 format. 

These provide an option to download them to your mobile or desktop. Hence you can watch them later even if there is no internet. Besides, it saves you a lot of data. You also don’t have to watch an ad every time you want to look at your video. Using a youtube to mp4 converter is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the video and paste it at the designated field in the mp4 converter platform.

There are many youtube to mp4 downloaders available on the internet. You must choose one that has the best features and caters to your requirements. Youtubemp3mp4 is one such tool that enables youtube mp4 conversions. Most youtube mp4 converters these days allow you to download videos from many sites other than YouTube including Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Myspace, etc. Using these tools, you can convert your videos into mp4 and multiple other formats like Mkv and so on. 

You also get an option to choose the quality of the video that you are going to download. You can select anything, right from HD to 4k. With just one click of a button, you can have your favorite videos on your device. Hence you can watch them whenever you feel like, without having to worry about your data or the network connection. 

How To Convert Youtube To Mp4?

Mp4 converters are not difficult to use. You can watch your favorite videos anywhere and anytime by following a few basic steps. 

  • 1First of all, go to YouTube.com and click on the video that you want to download. You can open YouTube, using the application or in the browser.
  • 2Now obtain the URL of the video and copy it. To do so in the web browser, simply copy the whole link from the address bar. In the app, click on the share button. You will see a copy link option. Select it to copy the URL of your video. 
  • 3Now go to the youtube to mp4 platform. You can see a box labeled “Enter your URL here”. Once you click on it, the text vanishes. Instead, there is a cursor which indicates that the text field is active. In this field, paste the URL of the video that you want to convert into mp4.
Youtube to MP4
  • 4Next, you will see a box with an arrow next to it. If you click on the arrow, you can see all the file format options that the platform offers. To convert the video into mp4, click on “.mp4” from the video section. 
Youtube MP4
  • 5Click on the “Convert it” button.
Youtube to MP4 Converter
  • 6Once the conversion is done, you can choose whether you want to download the file or make any new edits.

How To Download Youtube Videos To Mp4

Most of the YouTube mp4 platforms are very easy to follow and understand. A majority of the youtube to mp4 downloaders work using the URL of the video. Here is what you need to download a video.

  • 1Open youtube and open YoutubeMp3Mp4.Net
  • 2Go to youtube and click on your favorite video. Obtain its URL by copying it from the address bar. In case you are using the application version, you will get the option to copy the URL when you click on the share button.
  • 3Now head to youtubemp3mp4.net. You will find a text field at the center of the screen, under the title “YouTube mp3 mp4”. Click on it and paste the link of your video there. 
  • 4You will also find a drop-down box. Click on the arrow next to it. A subsequent drop-down menu appears which shows all the formats that you can download your video in. To convert the video into mp4 format, click on “.mp4”.  
  • 5It takes a little while for the video to get converted properly. As soon as it is done, click on the download button to get the video on your device.

You can find multiple youtube to mp4 converter tools online. But it is important to do proper research to get a hold of authentic platforms. Youtubemp3mp4 is sure to give you the desired results. Through this platform, you can not only convert videos from YouTube, but also from countless other sites. It also provides the feature such that you can edit videos as per your requirement. You might think about the space the video downloads might occupy. To solve this, the platform also provides an option to save your files on One Drive cloud. You can also save your files in Dropbox. The platform is easy to understand and convenient to use. Youtube mp3, mp4 is one of the best video tools that can help you watch your favorite videos offline, absolutely free of cost.